"I am one of those people who vowed never to use a decorator. Why would I want someone else making decisions about my house, which is such a private and personal place? Why pay someone else to do what I should be able to do myself? Yet every time I walked past Gail's studio, I had to stop and press my nose against the glass and dream. I admired the things she had in the window, and I was nuts about her use of color. Eventually, I broke down and hired her, not without trepidation, and she utterly transformed my house. She respected my taste and inclinations but she also guided me into choices I would never have known or thought to make myself. She respected the history and character of my house made the most of every room she worked on. She created a continuous flow of color and mood that is at once soothing and inspiring. I've always loved my house, but now I REALLY love my house. Thanks Gail and Diane!"

Elizabeth Berg

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"You bring a timeless style to your design that after 10 and nearly 20 years does not look dated. I love my rooms for their comfort and warmth, and appreciate the arrangement and composition along with the style elements. I appreciate your expertise on lighting and realize how very important it is to a room's atmosphere and function. You have a wonderful sense of color and texture, composing wall colors and draperies that accentuate the beauty of our home."

Dr. Terrie Weir and Kirk Siefkas

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"My home is a masterpiece of beauty and comfort, thanks to the exquisite talent of Gail Prauss. I don't have to recommend the talent of Gail Prauss because everyone who sees my home asks for her name. Her work is absolutely flawless."

Caroline Myss

"Gail Prauss did the interior design for our living room and front entry-her experience and artistic flair proved invaluable for creating a beautiful, inviting space for our family."

Catherine and Jeff Cappel

"Gail when I retained you to do the interior design for my new Vero Beach, Florida home, you really listened to me. As a result you gave me a home with the true Florida ambience I wanted. Thank you!"

Thomas M.